Samsung Galaxy S6 + Common Problems

Are you planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 +? Well, having one of it is a good option but you must also know some of the most common problems that you may encounter. Here are some of those common problems that you might experience and the things that you must do when facing such problem.

Broken Screen. If you need S6 Edge plus screen replacement you better call for a help from a professional phone repair technician. Though it might cause you a certain amount of money, having its screen replaced is much cheaper than buying a new one.

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Display Touchscreen Malfunctioning. Display touchscreen malfunction happens when you dropped your device, when your screen glass are scratched heavily or cracked, and when a heavy pressure was applied on your phone. When this happened, touchscreen couldn’t be repaired, but it can be replaced by a well-trained technician.

Port Repair. Due to improper handling or care or use of non-compatible charger S6Edge plus port may needs to be replaced. This problem can be detected when your phone is not charging. But before assuming that the problem is the port connector, all you need to do is to first check the charger if properly plugged. If it is plugged, try a working and in good condition new charger, but be very sure that it is compatible and it has the same voltage output. If you can’t troubleshoot it, it’s better to call for assistance from a trained phone repair technician.

Still, there are lot more problems that you might encounter. Among those are the battery repair, speaker repair, home button repair and power button repair. But with proper care and following the instructions on the booklet guide you can always prevent these problems from occurring.

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